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Chad-free voting society-EVoteTechnology

About V.I.P. (Voter Integrity Party) 


Our Mission
Bring America's voting technology into the 21st century via EVoteTechnology, palm vein authentication profile creation for registered voters, to eradicate voter fraud and election fraud during United States Presidential Elections, and provide authentication services during ATM and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) transactions to combat identity theft.

Our Vision
Restore integrity to our U.S. Presidential Elections and ensure that every legal vote is counted and verifiable.



Security -

Palm Vein Authentication

Our biometric security protocol utilizes Fujitsu PalmSecure Biometric palm vein scanner technology which is also incorporated into our biological and biometric authentication system.

Registered Voter Protection against 

Identity Theft

VIP shall bring America's voting technology into the 21st century with EVoteTechnology, Palm Vein Authentication, security protocol by providing each registered voter with a biometric signature.


Modern day voting in the 21st century mandates more voter participation by the individual voter to guarantee the integrity, accountability, and verification of the voting process so that every legally cast ballot is counted and verifiable.


Research & Development

EVT communication protocol shall be  the new platinum  standard for voting in United States Presidential Elections which mandate:

  1.  Authentication of  registered voter.
  2.  Proof of Life.
  3.  Pairing of registered voter's profile.
  4.  Proof of Presence.
  5. Confirmation receipt for cast ballot.

What we do

Educational Scholarship Programs

Entrepreneurial spirit develops in  the individuals who demonstrate a true passion for building something great from nothing and they are willing to push themselves to the limits to achieve big goals and ideas, Educational Scholarship Assistance are given to inspire the Entrepreneurial spirit.

Wellness Check Programs

Regular checking of vitals for senior citizens living independently is the first line of defense against chronic or well managed health concerns through Wellness Check senior citizens can independently monitor and share their health vitals.

Homeless Assistance Programs

Essential resources for America's homeless populations around the country continue to fail to address individual needs, through Homeless Assistance personal individual resources are able to be delivered  with accountability being maintained.   

Transportation Assistance Programs

The  Coronavirus (COVID-19)  pandemic  has forever changed the world. 

Now that a national network is being built to provide Transportation as a Service (TaaS) via electric vehicles, trains and planes the need to provides individual transportation resources has become a necessity. 

Individual Transportation Assistance System (ITAS) utilizing the V.I.P. (Verification of Individual Participation) authentication protocol shall become the only cost of admission.

Child Abduction Deterrent Programs

Being proactive whether than reactive when addressing the reality that child abduction in the United States has become a national epidemic, resulting in thousands of children being abducted each year. Child Abduction Deterrent  equips a child for life with the tools to unequivocally establish their identity and thereby allow them to be reunited with their family.

Work Assistance Programs

Challenges faced by individuals unemployed which force them to make the decision to relocate to find work through Work Assistance resources are made available during re-employment after relocating to a new region.



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